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TLB14460 TANK VENT ASSEMBLY : STIHL= 1129-350-5800A : ECHO=OEM 131300-56430: GT1100,2000,2100,2102,2103 2400,SRM 1500,1501,2100,2300,2301,2400,2500, 2501,2510,3000,ET / Shindiawa - Fits most Echo & Shindiawa blowers and trimmers

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SKU: TLB14460

Desc: VENT ASSM:  STIHL=  1129-350-5800A : ECHO=OEM 131300-56430: GT1100,GT2000,GT2100,GT2102,GT2103 GT2400,SRM1500,SRM1501,SRM2100,SRM2300,SRM2301,SRM2400,SRM2500, SRM2501,SRM2510,SRM3000,ET / Shindaiwa - <High Quality Aftermarket Tank Vent>

Fits most Echo & Shindaiwa blowers and trimmers: same as TFPJ25065