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TM5120915 Tecomec Brushcutter Protective SAFETY COMBO SYSTEM Ear Muffs Steel Face Screen

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SKU: TM5120915

Desc: Tecomec Safety Headgear with Ear protection which is rated NRR = 30db and a Steel Mesh Screen.

Headband protector assembly with large surface area tip-down steel mesh screen. Comfortable cushioned ear cups have dual metal tension arms and are height adjustable. Domed visor provides front lobe protection and glare reduction. Adjustable strap for back of head helps hold assembly securely. Meets CE (Euro) standards. Color: Black with red ear cups.

Tecomec is an Italian company and they are a world leader in producing Chainsaw and Brushcutter & Trimmer Accessories. Please visit their web site at to learn more about this company that for years has been selling great product all over the world!