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THD31117-S TOOL, CLUTCH REMOVAL: 2063 ,2065, 2071, 2163, 2165, 2171, 2159, 2166, 2172 Husqvarna 362, 365, 371, 372, 570, 575, 576 OEM = 502-522201

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SKU: THD31117-S

Desc: TOOL, CLUTCH REMOVAL: 2063,2065,2071,2163, 2165,2171, 2159,2166,2172 Husqvarna 362,365,371,372,570,575,576 <High Quality Aftermarket Clutch tool>

OEM =  502-522201 When out order or use 502 52 22-01

Note: This tool is required to remove the clutch from certain model saws.
You will need this tool to replace your clutch and drive sprocket, or service your oil pump. Crankshafts are left hand threads so too loosen clutch you'll turn in a clockwise motion and counter clockwise to tighten. A piston stop will also be needed to preform this job. NEVER USE AN IMPACT WRENCH!!! USE HAND TOOLS ONLY! OR YOU RISK BREAKING YOUR CRANKSHAFT OR KNOCKING A HOLE IN THE TOP OF YOUR PISTON!